Unofficial audio archive …

30 December 1992 – audio archive materials broadcast
on Radio Luxembourg International  from 02.00 to 10.00 :

19921230 pt1 Emperor Rosko archive (60.44)

19921230 pt2 Emperor Rosko, Kenny Everett archive (60.47)

19921230 pt3 Shaun Tilley archive (60.58)

19921230 pt4 Shaun Tilley archive (60.59)

19921230 pt5 Dave Christian archive (60.56)

19921230 pt6 Dave Christian, Kid Jensen archive (58.02)

19921230 pt7 Paul Burnett archive (61.12)

19921230 pt8 Paul Burnett, Tony Prince archive (58.46)

This audio materials recorded
in Aarhus, Denmark by Allan Krautwald .

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