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Jodie Scott – 19910101


01 January 1991 – DJ Jodie Scott
on Radio Luxembourg International  :

19910101 pt1 Jodie Scott (47.25)

19910101 pt2 Jodie Scott (47.24)

Since RADIO LUXEMBOURG closed (December 1992),
Jodie worked as a liaison person for the Eurockeennes rock festival
in France and is currently working as an audio engineer,
as well as dj-ing in a club and doing a monthly interview
programme on Radio Socio-Cultural.
She also does voiceovers for radio and cinema commercials,
telephone systems, and CD Roms.
Jodie Scott has appeared in the film “An American Werewolf”
in Paris, and in films “Abel the Flying Liftboy” and
a “Dog of Flanders” (starring John Voight).
Play a role in “Fortress II” (starring Christophe Lambert).

She finished a four-song CD -“INCUBUS”, under the name
Adrianne Sebastian-Scott (back in Canada, she made her
living as a singer-songwriter), and hopes her old listeners from
Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline will buy it.
Jodie wrote and performed the songs, with the help of a
Spanish violinist, a Finnish keyboard player, a couple of
English guys on flute and percussion,
and a Luxembourg producer – rather an international effort.


David Kid Jensen – 19720101

01 January 1972 – DJ David Kid Jensen
Late night show on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19720101 pt5 David Kid Jensen (49.32)

On photo Tony Prince and David Kid Jensen.

part 1-4 from broadcast on 01 January 1972 is here  :