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Paul Burnett – 19690804

paul burnett02

04 August 1969 – DJ Paul Burnett
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19690804 Paul Burnett (44.55)

One of key figure at Radio Luxembourg until 1974,
when he moved to Radio 1 …
Paul Burnett began his radio career while in
the Royal Air Force in the Persian Gulf in 1964.
In 1966 he joined offshore radio station, Radio 270,
broadcasting off Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
After the banning of the offshore stations he moved
in 1967 to Manx Radio on the Isle of Man,
but he soon joined Radio Luxembourg,
where he hosted the chart show.
Here Burnett discovered many recordings,
previously thought lost, of propaganda broadcasts
by William Joyce (“Lord Haw Haw”) to Britain,made from
the Luxembourg stations during the Nazi occupation.
On Luxembourg, he presented
the Saturday Top 20 show from 1967 to 1974.
Paul Burnett is married to air stewardess Nicole,whom he
met when he was working at Radio Luxembourg.
They have two sons.

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