Unofficial audio archive …


After some adjustments, the unofficial audio archive
now resumes showing materials from original broadcasts
Radio Luxembourg 208 – The Station of The Stars …
Now all the materials are placed on my personal Google Drive.
I think this will work well …
New posts with audio materials will be added gradually
(probably by the date of the broadcast)
Also, the numbering of files has changed,
now the basis will be : year, month, day – the name of DJ – duration .

Enjoy yourself … Day by Day with 208 …

Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. Many thanks I love it please go on with this. I was also a fan of the Great 208 in the mid 70’s even a bit as a young boy in the 60’s. i’m 60 years of age and from East Flanders – Belgium. Yours Herman

    • Welcome home, Herman 🙂

      • Matthew Dean said:

        I’d just like to say – thank you for all the hard work you put in to this website. It brings unbridled joy to me and makes me feel Luxy is somehow still alive.
        May I ask – where are all these programmes coming from? How many more do you have left to share?
        Thank you, again.

      • Thank you for your kind and warm words.
        Yes, you right, unfortunately, the end must come sometime.
        And this will probably happen quite soon, at the end of 2019.
        The archive has almost exhausted itself.
        New materials come less and less …
        All these audio materials from the bowels of the Internet,
        from various private collections, forums, ftp servers, etc.
        The beginning was in 2003 , now is 16 years ,everything for the fans 208 …

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