Unofficial audio archive …


After some adjustments, the unofficial audio archive
now resumes showing materials from original broadcasts
Radio Luxembourg 208 – The Station of The Stars …
Now all the materials are placed on my personal Google Drive.
I think this will work well …
New posts with audio materials will be added gradually
(probably by the date of the broadcast)
Also, the numbering of files has changed,
now the basis will be : year, month, day – the name of DJ – duration .

Enjoy yourself … Day by Day with 208 …

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  1. Many thanks I love it please go on with this. I was also a fan of the Great 208 in the mid 70’s even a bit as a young boy in the 60’s. i’m 60 years of age and from East Flanders – Belgium. Yours Herman

    • Welcome home, Herman 🙂

      • Matthew Dean said:

        I’d just like to say – thank you for all the hard work you put in to this website. It brings unbridled joy to me and makes me feel Luxy is somehow still alive.
        May I ask – where are all these programmes coming from? How many more do you have left to share?
        Thank you, again.

      • Thank you for your kind and warm words.
        Yes, you right, unfortunately, the end must come sometime.
        And this will probably happen quite soon, at the end of 2019.
        The archive has almost exhausted itself.
        New materials come less and less …
        All these audio materials from the bowels of the Internet,
        from various private collections, forums, ftp servers, etc.
        The beginning was in 2003 , now is 16 years ,everything for the fans 208 …


    I grew up with Radio Luxembourg in the 1970s, and I really think it’s just great to hear these original broadcasts available now on the wider tapestry of social media. I just love to hear some of those records that were played originally on 208 as either new releases, 208 DJ Hot Shots or even 208 Power Plays. I have since sought these rarities online, and I still as much as remember them when they were first aired on 208 now nigh on 50 years since. And it’s really lovely to hear those DJs’ voices that I, and a vast majority of this nation as a whole, have really missed over nigh-on 50 years. Keep it coming love.

  3. Captain D! said:

    Hello, great site! Do you have any recordings of the German service from the mornings? We had a battery operated transistor radio in our bathroom and I used to listen as a kid in the UK evenings in the 1980’s in the bath! But I would leave the radio tuned to 1440kHz since you could hear the German morning service quite well in the early part of the UK daytime too. I remember brushing my teeth before school and they would always play a very rousing orchestral tune just before 8.00 that I would love to hear again. It sounded so great I would sometimes salute whilst it was on! Does anyone else remember this?

    • Thank You , Captain D! for your kind words and wonderful story of memories.
      Unfortunately, there are no recordings from morning broadcasts in the German service.
      This page is more tuned to English and Dutch Services of Radio Luxembourg 208.
      But if you search well, you can find here, several audio recordings from the German service,
      including with DJ Dave Christian (19830200), RTL Der Oldies Sender (19921231),
      Axel Fitzke, Wolfgang Rositzka (19820911), Alex Fitzke (19780000) …


    You’ve forgotten Ian Brass. He was a DJ on 208 in the early 1980s; it was his idea to give away a new car in a nightly competition called the Race Against Time. Ian was more affectionately known as “Brasso”, he joined Luxembourg in 1981. Born in Croyde Bay near Ilfracombe, Devon in 1953, “Brasso” is a close & personal friend of Ruth Langsford, a popular & regular face on ITV Daytime for over a decade.

    • Of course, we know this name, but, unfortunately,
      at the moment there are no audio materials from
      DJ Ian Brass (Brasso) in the unofficial audio archive …
      As soon as they appear on the network, we will publish them.
      Thank you very much for your information.

  5. Anita Orchard-Klubal said:

    My father recently passed away, he was a Radio Luxemburg DJ from the late 50s-60s. I’ve been scouring the files posted here to see if there’s any audio of him but can’t find any. There’s so many files, though, it’s possible there’s some here but I’m just not seeing them. If there are any here, would you be able to direct me to any recordings of Ray Orchard? Thank you.
    p.s – He was also on Friday Spectacular with Shaw Taylor

    • Dear Anita,
      accept our condolences for the death of Your daddy …
      Rest in peace Ray Orchard .
      As for audio materials with DJ Ray Orchard,
      unfortunately the 1950-60s are rather poorly
      represented in this unofficial archive.
      Only one small excerpt was received from
      engineer of Radio Luxembourg Alan Bailey.
      It will be published here on this site soon.
      Stay with us , you are very welcome …

      • Anita Orchard-Klubal said:

        Thank you. For your condolences and for your reply to my query.

  6. Craig Langley said:

    Many thanks for all your Radio Luxembourg postings, its great to hear stuff from the days when radio DJs were so good.

    My favourite was always the Tuesday night Top 30/40 chart show with Bob Stewart (whose deep authoritative voice & chatter was often even better than the records he was playing!) particularly around 1977/78 when I would always try to record it onto a couple of c90s (not easy as it finished well past my bedtime and I often got into major trouble sneaking downstairs to flip the tapes!) for later playback, and unfortunately having very limited pocket money I only had 3 or 4 blank tapes devoted to the process so had to continually rerecord over them with new shows. (Oh how I wish I could have afforded enough tapes back then to keep them, much as I loved to record the latest new show, it simultaneously meant losing a treasured old one!)

    Of course C120s would have made the process a lot easier for me, but I found that as they were thinner tape they didnt seem to be up to the job of rerecording many times over and would soon sound terrible and break much quicker 😦

    So I’m just wondering/hoping – do you by any chance have any more unpublished Top 30/40 chart show tapes with Bob, particularly from that golden era around 77/78 when almost every record seems to be a classic… and if so, any chance you could publish them soon?

    Many thanks

    • Dear Craig,
      thanks for your great comment.
      It’s unfortunate that, apparently,
      you were not able to save the tapes with
      the audio recordings from Station of the Stars .
      But your memories are as beautiful, as the chatter
      of the great voice of Bob Stewart on 208 meter.
      This unofficial audio archive is quite extensive,
      but the receipt of new old recordings is quite limited.
      Now new publications are announced 2-3 times a week,
      tentatively, until the end of 2020.
      Please study the materials that are now available.
      You will definitely find many interesting things
      from past years of the last century.
      Audio archive open 24/7 and You are very welcome …
      With regards 🙂

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