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Alton Andrews – 19870503

03 May 1987 – DJ Alton Andrews
on Radio Luxembourg 208  :

19870503 Alton Andrews (42.56)

Alton had a short stay at Radio Luxembourg just from 1986 to 1988.
A former club DJ, Alton joined Radio Caroline in September 1984.
His first stint aboard ended on 27th October and,
when he returned in January 1985, he used a different name as
the authorities had begun to take an interest in the station.
He was then known as Mark Summers.
He left the following month to join the in-store radio station
at the Oxford Circus branch of Top Shop in London.
Alton later worked for Riviera Radio in the south of France,
spent two years on Radio Luxembourg, was with Liberty Radio
in London for five years and British Forces Broadcasting,
including a period serving in the Middle East during the Gulf War.
He tells us he was the first ever British Forces DJ to work on AFRTS,
American Forces Radio Television Service.
Alton presented the afternoon show on Red Rose Radio in Preston for
about 4 or 5 months, before moving to the Breakfast Show.
He has also been heard on European Classic Rock and Thames FM,
Big L in Frinton on Sea and presented various shows on BBC Radio Cambridge.
He says: “I walked away from radio in 2008.
I still do the odd voice-over and write stuff for people.
I now live in the countryside in a very, very small village.
I am enjoying the quality of life with my wife.
We keep chickens and ducks and, yes, life is pretty good.”

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Peter Antony – 19861220


Back to Radio Luxembourg 208 period – 20 December 1986 :

19861220 Peter Antony (33.04)

and DJ Alton Andrews read news first on this audio .

Guess, what they talked about ? Clue is in the number plate …
Great People from 208 – DJ’ s Mike Knight, Tony Prince and Peter Antony.
(Gillian Knight photo 2014)


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