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Barry Alldis – The Beatles Top 10

1960′ s DJ Barry Alldis present The Beatles Top 10 Show
on Radio Luxembourg International on 208 meter :

1960’s Barry Alldis – The Beatles Top 10 (25.32)

This audio material from Dick Offringa collection .

Barry Alldis – 19810000

1981 – DJ Barry Alldis – Light Night Show
on  Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19810000 Barry Alldis (11.22)

Photo from Dick Offringa website :


Barry Alldis – 19761224


24 December 1976 – DJ Barry Alldis
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19761224 Barry Alldis (10.04)

Barry Alldis – 19650801


01 August 1965 – Radio Luxembourg Top 20 with DJ Barry Alldis :

19650801 Barry Alldis (56.18)

Photo and audio materials from friendly Dick Offringa website :

Barry Alldis – 19660626


26 June 1966 – DJ Barry Alldis – Top 20
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19660626 Barry Alldis (56.12)

Text and audio materials from friendly Dick Offringa website :

“Since April 8, 1962 every Sunday night between eleven and midnight I listened to this English Top Twenty for many years.

From 1958 till 1966 always presented by DJ Barry Alldis.

It was very strange that he always started with number one.

Later he told me that the sponsors wanted it so.

During the wintertime this Top Twenty was from midnight till one o’ clock.

Because I was young I went to bed at ten; and waked up by the alarm-clock at midnight … “

Barry Alldis – 19780330


DJ Barry Alldis  from Radio Luxembourg Saturday show – Greatest love songs :

19780330 Barry Alldis (46.55)

B.A – came to England from Sydney, Australia, in 1955 .
He phoned his godmother, Lady Enniskillen, who told him to stay
put while she despatched a chauffeur-driven limousine to collect
him from his hotel.
With commendable presence of mind, young Alldis packed his bag,
left the doss house he was staying in and walked a block up
the road to stand outside a four-star hotel, where he awaited
the arrival of his new benefactor’s emissary.

He worked in a Park Lane Hotel, sold ice-cream from a bicycle
and played piano in cocktail lounges.
One night he met a man from Radio Luxembourg, who told him
the station was looking for disc jockeys.
He joined 208 in December 1956, and stayed for 10 years,
becoming the station’s best-loved personality.
Moving to the BBC, he worked for the Light Programme,
principally as a Housewives’ Choice presenter,
from 1966 until September 1967.
He then joined the Late Night Extra team.

In 1975 he and his wife Fernande returned to the Grand Duchy.
Alldis worked in an office for a while until it was realised
that the Sunday Top Twenty Show hadn’t been the same without
‘your DJ, BA’ – and he was invited back on to the air.

He died in 1982, aged 51. He had worked until the end,
even though he had been desperately ill with stomach cancer.
Because he never complained, associates failed to understand
the gravity of his condition; he was losing so much blood that his
brain function was sometimes impaired, and people thought he was drunk.

Bob Stewart, Barry Alldis – 19760110


Two Best Luxy DJ’ s Bob Stewart and Barry Alldis
– 208 Gold on Radio Luxembourg :

19760110 Bob Stewart, Barry Alldis (24.26)