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Benny Brown, Rob Jones – 19830120


20 January 1983 – DJ’ s Benny Brown and Rob Jones
– Gold and Games Show on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19830120 pt1 Benny Brown,Rob Jones-GoldandGames (59.56)

19830120 pt2 Benny Brown,Rob Jones-GoldandGames (66.25)


Benny Brown – 19801213


DJ Benny Brown show on Radio Luxembourg – 13 December 1980 :

19801213 Benny Brown (32.17)

Perfect quality from FM in tropospheric ducting …

Tropospheric ducting is a type of radio propagation that tends to happen during periods of stable, anticyclonic weather. In this propagation method, when the signal encounters a rise in temperature in the atmosphere instead of the normal decrease (known as a temperature inversion), the higher refractive index of the atmosphere there will cause the signal to be bent. Tropospheric ducting affects all frequencies, and signals enhanced this way tend to travel up to 800 miles (1,300 km) (though some people have received “tropo” beyond 1,000 miles / 1,600 km), while with tropospheric-bending, stable signals with good signal strength from 500+ miles (800+ km) away are not common when the refractive index of the atmosphere is fairly high.

Tropospheric ducting of radio and television signals is relatively common during the summer and autumn months, and is the result of change in the refractive index of the atmosphere at the boundary between air masses of different temperatures and humidities.

B.Alldis, R.Jones, B.Brown – 19821006

Three DJ’ s in one evening – 06 October 1982
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19821006 Barry Alldis pt1 (67.14)

19821006 Rob Jones pt2 (59.46)

19821006 Benny Brown pt3 (65.25)