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Bob Stewart, David Lee Stone – 19850000

1985 – DJ’s Bob Stewart and David Lee Stone
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19850000 (02) pt1 Bob Stewart (14.58)

19850000 (02) pt2 David Lee Stone (12.47)

Mike Hollis, David Lee Stone – 19890107

07 January 1989 – DJ’ s Mike Hollis and David Lee Stone
on Radio Luxembourg 208 –  :

19890107 pt1 Mike Hollis (23.24)

David was at Laser 558 (offshore radio), then he came to the great 208.
Afterwards he worked for Atlantic 252 (Ireland) and Radio HMV (UK).
He died in March 1997 in Phoenix Arizona, USA due to a overdose
of alcohol and drugs.

19890107 pt2 David Lee Stone (44.38)

19890107 pt3 David Lee Stone (43.53)

Photo and text from Mike Knight (ex Luxy manager) (

Mike Knight :
Called himself “the California Kid” went back to the USA and
eventually drank himself into an early grave…..

Dave’s brother :
He was my brother. Sorry I was not there for him. Sorry David

Mike Knight :
There is no way you should feel bad about yourself – sad yes – but bad no.
Dave was a damn fine looking guy – clever too – and it is such a shame
he is no longer with us – but I doubt there was anything you could have
done – he was a grown up who made his own choices…..

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