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Johnnie Walker – 19781004



04 October 1978 – DJ Johnnie Walker show from San Francisco
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19781004 Johnnie Walker (18.16)

Photo from FB -thanks to Honey Bee Benson

Johnnie Walker – 19781206

06 December 1978 – DJ Johnnie Walker
for Radio Luxembourg 208 from San Francisco , U.S.A  :

19781206 Johnnie Walker (54.59)

Johnnie Walker – 19860000



1986 – DJ Johnnie Walker (real name – Peter Waters Dingley)
on Radio Luxembourg 208 in Luxy  Legends series  :

19860000 (02) pt1 Johnnie Walker – Luxy Legends (58.00)

19860000 (02) pt2 Johnnie Walker – Luxy Legends (59.27)


Color photo : DJ Johnnie Walker  of the Vintage at Goodwood Festival 2010 in Chichester, England.


Johnnie Walker – 19790802


… in 1976, station bosses fell out with Johnnie Walker
over the music he played and about how it was seen not
to fit the station’s daytime music line-up.
He was also told off for criticizing The Bay City Rollers
– then at the height of their popularity – on air,
describing them as “musical garbage”.
As a result, he left Radio 1 and moved to the U.S.A.
where he stayed for five years.
During his time in the states Walker worked for radio
stations KSAN in San Francisco, WHFS (historic) in Bethesda,
Maryland and also recorded some shows for Radio Luxembourg.

DJ Johnnie Walker – studio tape for Radio Luxembourg :

19790802 Johnny Walker (42.37)