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Keith Fordyse – 19830523


23 May 1983 – DJ Keith Fordyse present
archive Top 20 of May 1978
on Radio Luxembourg :

19830523 Keith Fordyse (59.54)

Keith Fordyce (15 October 1928 – 15 March 2011)

Born Keith Fordyce Marriott in Lincoln, Lincolnshire,
he attended Lincoln School and later studied law at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
In 1955 he came to the attention of British radio listeners as a staff announcer
at Radio Luxembourg where he worked with Barry Alldis.
In the early ’80s, he rejoined Radio Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy
after Barry Alldis’s death, working in the Villa Louvigny again for six months,
and regularly attracting audiences of 250,000 or more for his programmes.

info from wikipedia .

Dave Christian, Keith Fordyce – 19830502



In memory about DJ’ s Dave Christian and Keith Fordyse

on Radio Luxembourg 208 – 02 May 1983 :

19830502 Dave Christian, Keith Fordyse (62.11)