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Mike Verdrengh, Tony Prince – 19750920

20 September 1975 – DJ’s Mike Verdrengh and Tony Prince
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19750920 Mike Verdrengh, Tony Prince (51.07)

Mike Verdrengh – 19850719



19 July 1985 – a lot from 6 pm,
when multilingual Flemish DJ Mike Verdrengh
broadcasted his half-hour show on Radio Luxembourg 208¬† International¬† …

19850719 Mike Verdrengh (30.02)


Mike Verdrengh, Mark Wesley – 19720304

DJ’s Mike Verdrengh end show of Dutch service
and Mark Wesley start English Service
of Radio Luxembourg 208 – 04 March 1972 :

19720304 pt1 Mike Verdrengh,Mark Wesley 1920-2020 (60.54)

19720304 pt2 Mark Wesley 2030-2130 (60.58)

Mike Verdrengh – 19830203


DJ Mike Verdrengh on Radio Luxembourg International  Р03 February 1983 :

19830203 Mike Verdrengh (29.54)

Radio Luxembourg sent a long time German-speaking programs, daytime .
Evening switched to English.
Partly due to the popularity of Radio Veronica in the 60s,
the Dutch transmissions were becoming less and replaced by German programs .
So remained in the 70s, only half an hour about Dutch .

DJ’s : Peter Koelewijn, Roger Troch, Peter van Dam, Frans van der Drift and Mike Verdrengh
were some of the presenters of the ‘ international ‘ thirty minutes .
Partly because of the time difference with the UK ( minus 1 hour ),
should this program continue for a long time .
The transition from German to English, was thus somewhat ‘ softened ‘ .

The programs were recorded in Brussels, the tapes were thereafter with
car to Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg City, where she also went on air .

The quality of the recording is a fine illustration
of how people used to listen to the radio .
Because of the great distance, had the RTL channel from Luxembourg
especially in the evenings and at night suffer from fading …

DJ’s on air -19720115



15 January 1972 – Radio Luxembourg 208 :

DJ’s Mike Verdrengh and Felix Meurders (Dutch service)
19720115 pt1 Mike Verdrengh, Felix Meurders (60.05)

DJ’s Dave Christian and Mark Wesley (English service)
19720115 pt2 Dave Christian, MarkWesley (55.59)

This audio materials from Hans Knot collection .


Mike Verdrengh, Benny Brown, Rob Jones – 19830202


02 February 1983 – DJ Mike Verdrengh from Dutch Service,
later DJ’s Benny Brown and Rob Jones present
– Gold & Games show on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19830202 pt0 Mike Verdrengh (31.13)

19830202 pt1 Benny Brown, Rob Jones (60.16)

19830202 pt2 Benny Brown, Rob Jones (60.33)