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Nick Abbot – 19880821-22


21-22 August 1988 – Nick Abbot talk shows
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19880821 Nick Abbot (59.13)

19880822 Nick Abbot (50.17)

Nick Abbot started his radio career on his student station
at Brunel University in West London where he graduated
in Psychology.
It was here that he joined the University Radio which
lead to an interview with one of his all time radio heroes,
the late Kenny Everett.
Despite advice from Kenny to steer clear of
the radio industry, Nick made the move to
Radio Luxembourg where he transformed
a pop music show into a vibrant talk show
within a matter of days …

One day somebody gave him a tape to listen to and it
was this that changed the direction of Nick’s career,
for on the tape was an American talk presenter by
the name of Neil Rogers.
Nick immediately fell in love with Rogers’ way of broadcasting
and as a direct result changed his Radio Luxembourg show
overnight into a talk show.
Whilst at Radio Luxembourg for the first half of 1988,
Nick began shaping himself into the kind of broadcaster he is today …


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