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Various DJ’s – 19820917


17 September 1982 – Fragments of various Luxy shows
on this evening with DJ’s Rob Jones, Ollie and Stuart Henry,
Tony Prince and Bob Stewart :

19820917 R.Jones,O.and S. Henry,T.Prince,B.Stewart (13.08)


Airchecks – 19850500


May 1985 – Radio Luxembourg 208 airchecks –
DJ’s Ollie & Stuart Henry (photo), Mike Hollis , Bob Stewart  :

19850500 Stuart,Ollie,Mike,Stewart (11.42)

Stuart and Ollie Henry – 19830500

May 1983 – DJ Stuart Henry, of course with wife Ollie,
on air from Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19830500 Stuart and Ollie Henry (29.44)

Thanks for photo from Honey Bee Benson FB  …


Various DJ’s – 19840115

15 January 1984 – Luxy DJ’s Mike Hollis,
Ollie and Stuart Henry,and Dave Eastwood
on air from Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19840115 Mike Hollis,Ollie-Stuart Henry, Dave Eastwood (30.36)


Ollie and Stuart Henry – 19830606


06 June 1983 – DJ’s  Ollie and Stuart Henry
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19830606 Ollie and Stuart Henry (61.07)

… Stuart Henry’s show regularly drew audiences of more than 11 million in the early Seventies, but he was sacked in a BBC shake-up in 1974, and went to work at Radio Luxembourg.

Beerling says: “One of the reasons he left was that the management thought he was prone to over-indulging in ‘funny baccy’. But in fact the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis caused a slight impediment in his speech. People thought he was just over-indulging and it was affecting his broadcasting. Nobody realised MS was to blame.”

As the effects of the disease worsened Henry became confined to a wheelchair.

“Towards the end of his life he only had movement in his head and his neck. His wife Ollie was just fantastic and she did everything for him. He even had to have a special hoist to put him into a car. The brain was still there, but the body had totally gone.”

His fellow DJ Tony Prince was a programme director at Radio Luxembourg and in 1982 he encouraged Henry to make public his condition. “I told him to tell people, because I was getting a lot of hassle from people who thought he was drunk on air. Of course I knew perfectly well it was a speech impediment caused by MS. I told him he had to put his pride on the shelf and come clean. He was a very proud man and didn’t want sympathy. He wanted to keep going on as long as possible.

“The greatest thing that happened in his life was Ollie Henry, his wife. As his speech became even worse, she started broadcasting with him. He couldn’t read long paragraphs of news, so she started being his newsreader, which led to The Stuart and Ollie Henry Show. She was a real heroine. She dedicated her life to him and it was heart-breaking to see what she had to do for him in the last few years, when he literally couldn’t move a finger.”

MS results in a deterioration of the spinal cord system that sends messages from the brain to the muscles. Sometimes it can have a slight effect and then stop and not get any worse. In Henry’s case, said Prince, “It just kept deteriorating until he was unable to move any muscles. Stuart was held in immobile limbo. Radio Luxembourg always said that as long as he was able to talk he would always have a job with the station, which was very honourable. He was a strong-spirited and lovable man.”

After the station closed in 1992 Ollie and Stuart Henry provided a pop news service for local radio and contributed to the memorabilia magazine Gold.

Ollie Henry said yesterday: “He’d had enough of being in and out of hospitals. By the time he finished at Luxembourg he was virtually paralysed from the neck down. We worked at home using a computer and Stuart always had great input. But then his voice got very weak and to be paralysed, and not to be able to speak or be understood, was the ultimate imprisonment with no escape, and that was the next thing we were worrying about. At least Stuart doesn’t have to cope with that now.”

Chris Welch

Stuart Henry, disc jockey:
born Edinburgh 1942; married 1976;
died Luxembourg 24 November 1995.