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Paul Kaye – 19690201

Radio_London Paul Kaye

DJ Paul Kaye on Radio Luxembourg 208 – 01 February 1969 :

19690201 Paul Kaye (30.35)

Paul Kaye was a DJ and head of news on the pirate radio station Radio London
and was the first voice to be heard on the station in 1964.
Radio London was the first of the UK pirate stations to operate a news service
and Paul Kaye was the news chief. His bulletins were on the half-hour, which
conveniently gave him just enough time to re-write the BBC news which was
broadcast on the hour.
Paul also presented programmes, especially in the early months of the station …
In August 1967, the Marine Offences Act became law and the first voice on
Radio London became the last as Paul closed the station down.
Later went on to present for Radio Luxembourg, followed by a syndicated
Jazz programme for Radio Hallam, Radio Tees and Pennine Radio …
Paul Kaye born (Paul Kazarine) on 17 February 1934,
died on 4 November 1980 aged 46.