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Pete Murray, Tony Prince, Bob Stewart – 19700319

DJ’ s Pete Murray, Tony Prince and Bob Stewart
on air from Radio Luxembourg 208 – 19 March 1970  :

19700319 pt1 Pete Murray, Tony Prince (64.20)

19700319 pt2 Bob Stewart (22.34)

DJ Pete Murray – 19691017

The actor Pete Murray (born 19 September 1925) –
joined Radio Luxembourg’s English service in September 1950
as a stand-in for Teddy Johnson for three months.
He ended up staying at Radio Luxembourg for five years.
While presenting programmes all afternoon, Murray adopted
different guises for different programmes.

19691017 Pete Murray 2030-2130 (59.01)

Murray left Radio Luxembourg in 1955 to resume his acting career,
although he continued to be heard on 208 for several years as a presenter
of pre-recorded sponsored shows.

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