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Roger Twiggy Day – 19680000

roger twiggy day

1968 – DJ Roger Twiggy Day (Roger Thomas) –
short period on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19680000 Roger Day (29.14)

(sorry, too high recording level)


Roger Day – 19681003


03 October 1968 – DJ Roger Day on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19681003 pt1 Roger Day (45.54)

19681003 pt2 Roger Day (44.24)

About one of FASTEST-TALKING DJ OF THE 50’s & 60’s :
… speaking of Radio Luxembourg, there was a DJ on there
(in the 60s Norm) by the name of Roger “Twiggy” Day
and this guy went a million miles an hour.
I can still hear his “This is Roger “Twiggy” Day with a Hi Hello How Are You”
followed by a Smiths Crisps ad “Listen to the crackle of the golden wonder crisp”.
I could go on…….
(from google groups – alt.rock-n-roll.oldies)


Luxy DJ’s – 19681019

search luxy 1440

Fragments from Radio Luxembourg 208 shows – 19 October 1968 with
Luxy DJ’s – Paul Burnett, Roger Twiggy Day and Noel Edmonds :

19681019 P.Burnett-R.Day-N.Edmonds-fragm.(28.09)



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