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Tony Prince present DJ Simon Tate – 19780730

30 July 1978 – DJ Simon Tate was invited by Tony Prince
to visit the famous London HQ of 208 in Hertford Street
to be one of Tony’s “Celebrity DJ’s” – and record a programme,
which was his first ever radio show :

19780730 Tony Prince, Simon Tate (26.44)

Simon’s interest in music and radio was fired up from a young age
by his two older brothers, who were avid fans of Radio Caroline North.
So much so, that his dad took them out to see the good ship Caroline
on his little yacht in 1967.
He still has a photo of a can of beer with a request wrapped round it,
being caught by Tony Prince and duly played, minutes later,
by Bob Stewart for Simon’s 11th Birthday.

Photos from Simon Tate FB page .

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