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Tommy Vance – 208 Legends 1986


Special Edition – from Luxy Legends series
– in memory about DJ Tommy Vance
for Radio Luxembourg 208 – (studio tape) :

19860800 pt1 Tommy Vance – Luxy Legends (50.23)

19860800 pt2 Tommy Vance – Luxy Legends (58.44)

Born in Oxford in 1941,
Tommy’s real name was Richard Hope-Weston;
he adopted the ‘stage name’ Tommy Vance since
the only name jingle package available at KHJ Los Angeles
was for a presenter who never took the job, called ‘Tommy Vance’.
He took this DJ role in the early 1960’s, and kept the name …

Joining Radio Caroline in 1966 for three months,
he moved briefly to Radio Luxembourg but
went back to Caroline, then jumped ship to Radio London
just a few weeks before it finally shut down in 1967 due to
a new Government licensing law.
At Radio 1 in 1968, his first show was the cutting edge
new music show Top Gear with John Peel, however when
the show was shortened after a few months, Tommy was dropped.
Briefly moving to European Radio, following some TV work,
Tommy was heard on Capital Radio from 1973 until 1979 …

Tommy Vance passed away on Sunday 6th March 2005 following a stroke.