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This audio materials from Hans Knot collection :
Radio Luxembourg 208 – 23 March 1972 – DJ Mark Wesley on air :
002.7 Mark Wesley 26031972 (27.43).mp3
002.8 Mark Wesley 26031972 (60.09).mp3


This audio materials from Hans Knot collection :
last minutes of  Mike&Zaki Show from Dutch service
and next – English service DJ Mark Wesley on Radio Luxembourg 208 :
002.6 Mark Wesley 25031972 (100.48).mp3

… on 20 March 1980 the crew ceased broadcasting and abandoned the Mi Amigo to its fate.
A few minutes later the ship sank leaving only its mast visible above the waves.

1. Last minutes Radio Caroline on air 19 March1980 with
with DJ ‘s Steve Gordon and Tom Anderson:

2. Radio Luxembourg News  20 March 1980 with DJ Rob Jones :

3. DJ Bob Stewart on RTE2 about Radio Caroline – 24 March 1980 :
Bob Stewart about Caroline (on RTE2) 24031980.mp3

(Audio chapter 1. 2. – thanks to Peter Vrakking )

Short story :
At noon on Easter Sunday, 29 March 1964, a new radio station started broadcasting from an old Danish ferry (renamed the MV Caroline) anchored in international waters three miles from the Suffolk coast.

Several months later the station merged with its rival, Radio Atlanta, which broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo. In order for its broadcasts to reach the greatest number of listeners, the Caroline, broadcasting as Radio Caroline North, sailed to an anchorage close to the Isle of Man, while the Mi Amigo remained off the coast of Essex and broadcast as Radio Caroline South.

Other offshore radio stations started to transmit over the next couple of years but, with the passing of the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act, these ‘pirate’ radio stations were outlawed on 14 August 1967. Radio Caroline continued to broadcast in defiance of the Act but its revenues were reduced. In March 1968 the two ships were seized by creditors.

In 1972 the Mi Amigo was sold at auction for £2,400. By 1974 Radio Caroline was broadcasting full-time again, although its playlist had changed from pop singles to album tracks reflecting the higher sales figures of LPs.

But the Mi Amigo was an old ship and its seaworthiness was deteriorating rapidly. Several times during its broadcasting history the ship had broken anchor and run aground during storms. It had been described as a “death trap” by the crew of one lifeboat.

During another storm on 19 March 1980 the Mi Amigo broke anchor again and drifted into shallow water. For eight hours the crew pumped water from the leaking vessel but to no avail. Meanwhile, the station’s DJs were still broadcasting.

Just after midnight on 20 March 1980 the crew ceased broadcasting and abandoned the Mi Amigo to its fate. A few minutes later the ship sank leaving only its mast visible above the waves.

Radio Caroline resumed broadcasting from a new ship, the MV Ross Revenge, from 1983, and continued until this ship also ran aground in 1991. A new era in the station’s history commenced in the late 1990s, using satellite and internet technology, and, at the time of writing, Radio Caroline continues to broadcast.


DJ Stuart Henry on Radio Luxembourg 208
12 January 1980 – Top 30 Rock show :
034.3 Stuart Henry-Top30 Rock 12011980 (59.49).mp3


Radio Luxembourg 208 – 02 February 1983 with
DJ’s Benny Brown and Rob Jones – Gold & Games show
009.6 Benny Brown,Rob Jones-GoldandGames 02021983 (60.48).mp3


DJ Mark Wesley – No.1 Show – 1984 :
013.6 Mark Wesley – No.1 show 1984 (59.07).mp3


12 January 1980 DJ Bob Stewart - Big L Country show
from 11pm to midnight GMT on Radio Luxembourg 208:

034.4 Bob Stewart 12011980 pt1(30.13).mp3
034.5 Bob Stewart 12011980 pt2(30.03).mp3

and first hours of 13 January 1980
from midnight to 01am GMT:

034.6 Bob Stewart 13011980 pt1(30.20).mp3
034.7 Bob Stewart 13011980 pt2(30.12).mp3