Unofficial audio archive …



19 July 1985 – a lot from 6 pm,
when multilingual Flemish DJ Mike Verdrengh
broadcasted his half-hour show on Radio Luxembourg 208  International  …

19850719 Mike Verdrengh (30.02)



17 July 1991 – DJ “Baby” Bob Stewart
on Radio Luxembourg International in stereo from “ASTRA” satellite  :

19910717 pt1 Bob Stewart (47.19)

19910717 pt2 Bob Stewart (47.31)



17 July 1983 – DJ Dave Eastwood – Rock Charts
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19830717 Dave Eastwood (17.31)

In memory, about DJ Dave Eastwood ,who died of Leukemia in March 1989 .
The Dave Eastwood Leukemia Appeal Fund was used
to open a hospital ward at the Whitechapel Hospital.




17 July 1988 – DJ Nik Martin
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19880717 pt1 Nik Martin (47.02)

19880717 pt2 Nik Martin (47.17)


Originally from the UK, Nik Martin spent the first 15 years
of his radio career working his way around Britain with on air,
programming and production roles at Heart 106.2, Key 103,
Radio Luxembourg, Hallam FM, Metro Radio, Power and Ocean FM,
KiX 96 and Chiltern Radio among others.
He has spent the last decade working overseas including Dubai,
Singapore and India, where he was National Programming Head
of the 20-station network Radio City.
Currently a radio and online journalist with Germany’s international
broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), his reporting career has included
positions at Sky News Radio and Euronews.
He also been a stringer for several broadcast outlets, including NPR,
the BBC, DW and CBC from London, Barcelona, and Bangkok.

More info :

15 July 1972 – DJ Paul Burnett
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19720715 Paul Burnett (35.29)

14 July 1980 – DJ Tony Prince talk with Paul McCartney (Wings)
about creating his new album ‘McCartney 2’.
Broadcast from Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19800714 Tony Prince – Paul McCartney interv. (27.21)



208 SPECIAL ! –  DJ David Kid Jensen interview with David Bowie :

19730714 David Kid Jensen – David Bowie interv.(09.54)

On 14 July 1973 a Kid Jensen interview with Bowie
at the Chateau (France) was broadcast on Radio Luxembourg.
Various recordings were worked on by Bowie and musicians:
namely material for PINUPs, surplus material intended for an
unreleased American version of PINUPs, an early working of
DIAMOND DOGS and backing tracks for Lulu’s 1974 single
of Bowie material “The Man Who Sold The World/Watch That Man”.

Im524David Bowie recording at the Chateau d’ Herouville, France 1973