Unofficial audio archive …

February 1983 – DJ Dave Christian present Soundcheck Show
on Radio Luxembourg FM (Germany Service) ,
from 1 AM CET – Bob Stewart read news (English Service)
and next DJ Mike Hollis start Midnight Memories Show  :

19830200 pt1 Dave Christian (42.38)

19830200 pt2 Dave Christian, Bob Stewart,Mike Hollis (47.13)

This audio material from Honey Bee Benson collection .

September 1980 – DJ Mark Wesley present No.1 Show
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19800900 Mark Wesley No.1 Show (59.07)



December 1981 – DJ Timmy Mallett
present Timmy on the Tranny Show
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19811200 Timmy Mallett (48.11)

The Villa Louvigny was steeped in broadcasting history.
Timmy arrived to join a team which included
Rob Jones, Tony Prince, Bob Stewart, Ian Brass,
Stuart Henry, and Benny Brown …
The studios were on the upper corridor which were shared
with the French, Italian and German services.
On the wall behind was a big map of the world with pins
showing where people could hear Luxembourg on short wave …

More about Timmy Mallett is here :


15 January 1984 – Luxy DJ’s Mike Hollis,
Ollie and Stuart Henry,and Dave Eastwood
on air from Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19840115 Mike Hollis,Ollie-Stuart Henry, Dave Eastwood (30.36)


1981 December 13 – DJ Benny Brown present 7 UP show
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19811213 Benny Brown (58.39)

On photo Benny Brown and Tony Prince .

January 1978 – DJ’s Bob Stewart and Barry Alldis
on Radio Luxembourg 208 (Hosingen FM) :

19780100 Bob Stewart, Barry Allis (43.52)

BA photo from

11 January 1970 – DJ PeePee (Dutch Service),
real name Roger Troch
and DJ Paul Burnett (English Service)
on Radio Luxembourg 208 :

19700111 pt1 PeePee (24.25)

19700111 pt2 Paul Burnett (14.35)